Founding director and CEO of iHR Australia and World Learning Hub, Stephen Bell is an entrepreneur, business leader and highly-accomplished facilitator. He is a leading expert in human resource capability modelling and the management of workplace issues, leadership and culture. He has trained managers from some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned brands.

Under Stephen’s leadership, iHR Australia has established a broad client base, providing services to government, private and not-for-profit organisations across Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand. iHR is the leading independent provider of training in unlawful discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in Australia. The organisation also offers programs in HR-related management skills, including leadership, performance management, coaching, courageous conversations and employee selection, in addition to a range of such outsourced HR services as HR partnering and workplace investigations. Through Stephen’s creation of the unique learning methodology, Workplace Reality Theatre, all iHR programs feature professional actors and experienced facilitators conducting realistic workplace re-enactments, appealing to the varied learning styles of workshop participants.

In an effort to deliver comprehensive training to a wider audience, Stephen founded the World Learning Hub (WLH). By applying the same principles as iHR’s Workplace Reality Theatre, WLH offers a tailored, high impact, interactive online experience, with engaging, high quality 3D animations that demonstrate workplace scenarios and behaviour. In gathering WLH’s international team of top-notch designers, developers, animators and digital producers, Stephen’s goal for the organisation is to be a global leader in e-learning, with content that complements iHR’s training and values and can be accessible anywhere, anytime.

iHR Australia www.ihraustralia.com

iHR Asia www.ihrasia.net

World Learning Hub world-learning-hub.com

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