Hope you don’t take this the wrong way.

But the TV sets and web pages around the world have been full of London terrorism reports. While I understand that this is a dreadful occurrence and the loss of any life is tragic, this event is highly unusual. The news system is geared to fuel and build Islamaphobia.


  • At least 8 Australians take their own life everyday from mental health challenges – I don’t see any 24/7 news coverage about this.
  • 66 people die on Thailand’s roads every day.  Local coverage but hardly world news.
  • 900 women have been killed in the UK from family violence over the last 6 years probably 10 times the number killed on home soil by terrorist events.

The really awkward point is that we give terrorists exactly what they want.  Days and days of front page coverage and political rhetoric that fuels fear and misplaced hatred.

There is a problem in many religions with extremist old men who like to manipulate their ‘cattle’ for the sake of ego and entertainment in the last 20 years of their life.  They are scum and don’t deserve the honour of occupying our minds 24/7.

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