‘You’ve Lost a Few Games but You won’t Die’

Former Melbourne Football Club coach and Essendon player Neale Daniher reminds us all that losing a few games won’t kill us but ‘you don’t lie down’.   I love the perspective provided by this short video of him addressing Melbourne Football Club players a couple of weeks ago.  Great leaders in business have a capacity to give their team perspective in the most difficult of situations.  This is not always easy when the pressure is hitting us.   A lost client, a late project, an economic downturn, a missed target or public criticism are not unusual in business.  But they dont kill the business or its people.  Composure under pressure is vital for any leader.  I have no doubt that  Daniher has extraordinarily emotional private moments.  But in his public role he demonstrates a combinatination of realism, calmness, courage and generosity

Suffering from the currently incurable Motor Neuron Disease (MND) a condition which he states will ultimately kill him.    MND causes a degeneration of the nerve cells that control the muscles that allow us to move, speak, breathe and swallow.    

 But Daniher isn’t resting up or indulging in self pity.  Instead he is now dedicating his life to getting the message out to ensure that there is an answer for future generations who suffer MND.  Says Daniher ‘It’s too late for me, the disease will kill me……It kills you by slowly paralysing you.  It will get to a stage where I cant swallow, I can’t speak and I can’t breathe….but I’m a fighter.  Live with hope, have a strong vision of where you are going.  My Vision is a world without MND.’

Spoken like the true leader he is.  

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